Terms & Conditions
  1. We always try to include the latest prices on the web SCOOTERPACK. But to be sure, To get the updated price and availability of stock, you can e-mail us info@scooterpack.com or contact Phone No. 021-57936081 / 081281817373.
  2. All prices listed do not include shipping.
  3. Confirmation of payment must be informed to us maximum 3 days after ordering/booking.
  4. If there is no confirmation of payment within a maximum of 3 days after ordering/booking, then you should re-order and we do not guarantee the items availability.
  5. Your order will be sent maximum 2 days after payment payment confirmation accepted by SCOOTERPACK.
  6. FREE INSTALLATION only valid for purchase at the SCOOTERPACK store and with minimum order with purchase at www.scooterpack.com
  7. There are two types of pre-orders provided by SCOOTERPACK:

    Pre-order :
    Pre orders are ordering goods that can be ordered by the customer before the item is ready stock.To buy the Pre-Order product you will get a discount of 5% of the normal price.

    Pre-Order by Request :
    Pre-order by request is if the customer wants the goods that are not available (for sale) in SCOOTERPACK, the customer can request to SCOOTERPACK and we will find it for you.

    After booking Pre-order and pre-order by Request, you must perform a payment of 30% DP. SCOOTERPACK parties will contact you when the ordered goods are ready to be sent, only then did the rest of the payment of 70% so that the goods can be sent directly to your place. For more information, you can send questions to our email address info@scooterpack.com or contact our customer service at 021-57936081 or 081281817373.

  8. Delivery time depends on destination. For delivery using courier service, we are using TIKI and JNE.
  9. If you want a shipping service other than TIKI or JNE, please inform us. Your items will be sent with your chosen shipping service representativeas long as it still in the Jakarta area with no extra cost. However, delivery guarantee to destination entirely will be certified by buyer.
  10. Some items are not always ready stock so prior booking is required.
  11. Once you confirm your booking, you will receive an email notification containing the total price to be paid.
  12. Purchased item cannot be returned or exchanged, because every item that will be sent, always go through the Quality Control.
  13. All efforts have been made to assure maximum accuracy of all information contained. With all due respect, SCOOTERPACK does not guarantee the accuracy of the data, including product specifications and editorial.
  14. Our customer service will inform you about the delivery receipt, if you ordered product sent. (In the future you can access the order tracking by online or by SMS)
  15. To find out the shipping rates and delivery time please check JNE or TIKI
  16. Every time you want to purchase in scooterpack.com you must log in or having an account first.
  17. There are 4 (four) types of accounts you can create on the SCOOTERPACK website with the following:

    Regular accounts do not have any minimum purchase, so you are free to order how many items or the amount of expenditure that you want.

    Account members can you fill that you have a regular account and conduct transactions with a minimum amount of Rp 3,000,000 (in one transaction) conducted in SCOOTERPACK outlet or on the website. Customers who are registered as members will get the following benefits:

    • Get a 5% discount (all items with minimum purchase Rp 500,000, the discount cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions).
    • Birthday gift in the form of discount + 5% discount on your birthday surprise members to show identity cards at the outlet SCOOTERPACK or enter the voucher code in spending on the website.
    • Home Service 50% Discount (home accessories Installation in Jakarta, Bekasi, and Tangerang area).

    Reseller is the type of membership for customers who have a personal or private business venture. For further information you can contact our customer service at 021-57936081 or 081281817373 or email to info@scooterpack.com

    Dealers are kind of membership for customers who have a personal or company's business venture. For further information please contact our customer service at 021-57936081 or 081281817373 or email to info@scooterpack.com

  18. Every transaction made will receive a payment code that can be obtained when you are finished shopping (check out) SCOOTERPACK website.
  19. Payment Code is a two digit number that should last you put on the total transaction. For example: Total transaction you $ 100,000 and you payment codes are: 73, then the total you pay is Rp 100.073
  20. Payment Code purpose is to facilitate our staff to differentiate your purchase with other transaction.
  21. Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
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