Delivery Information
  1. We always try to include the latest prices on the web SCOOTERPACK. But to be sure, you can e-mail us ( ) to get price updates or contact Phone No. 021-  57936081 / 081 281 817 373. All prices listed do not include shipping.
  2. Items will be sent immediately after payment is received by the SCOOTERPACK. Long travel time delivery depending on destination. For delivery using courier service, we are working with and TIKI JNE. All items purchased and shipped via TIKI JNE or will be insured to avoid loss or damage during the shipping.
  3. If you want a shipping service other than TIKI or JNE, please tell us. Goods will be sent to the representative for the expedition was still in the Jakarta area at no extra cost. However, guaranteed delivery to destination entirely on the part of the buyer.
  4. Some items are not always ready stock so prior booking is required.
  5. After you confirm your order, you will get an email notification containing the total price you pay.
  6. Items purchased can not be returned or exchanged for other goods, unless there is a prior agreement.
  7. All efforts have been made to assure maximum accuracy of all information contained. SCOOTERPACK no guarantee with respect the accuracy of these data, including product specifications and editorial.
  8. If sending by courier JNE or TIKI, all of our products will be insured to prevent loss or damage in transit pengiriman.Kecuali special request of the buyer not to be insured and are the sole responsibility on the part of the buyer.
  9. Our customer service will inform you about the delivery receipt, if you order a product sent. (In the future you can access the order tracking you online or by SMS)
  10. To find out the shipping rates and delivery times please click dan
  11. Prices, and terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
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